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Japan Nat'l Inst of "Infectious Diseases" has no scientific evidence of "viruses"

Don't fall for the "avian influenza virus" hoax!

more Danish "experts" with no scientific evidence that "HPV" exists let alone causes cancer: Statens Serum Institut

the logical fallacies & excuses of quackcine developer, virologist Jennifer Smith

"virus" scammers at N. Territory Dept of Health, Australia can't provide valid evidence & confess: reality checks aren't our thing!

Hvidovre Hospital & test-pusher Jesper Bonde, Denmark have no scientific evidence showing "HPV" exists let alone causes cancer

Message for 26,000 Ontario police officers: covid-19 = "hoax"

"virus" faker Michelle Haywood, Member of House of Keys, Isle of Man fails scientific evidence challenge

New Zealand "experts" & "authorities" have zero scientific "virus" evidence (b/c it doesn't exist)

Rachel Glover, Isle of Man "covid" / PCR fraudster

No viruses Mann - update from courtenay of rhumsaa March 9 2024

New challenge for virus-pushers

CDC admits: no scientific evidence of cowpox or Alaskapox "virus"... or contagion of symptoms

Peter McCullough's obelisk "science"

Israel's Ministry of Health has no scientific evidence of “SARS-COV-2” - let alone a valid test

1.5 million € prize for proof of a coronavirus! An update from Germany

CDC FOIA confession: no scientific evidence of any encephalitis "virus"

CDC has no evidence of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus or any alleged Bunyavirus

CDC has no scientific evidence that pox or measles symptoms are contagious

Calif. Dept of PH confession: no record of ANY "vax" schedule "virus" or "SARS-COV-2" on Earth being found, purified from "host"

"not actually in our possession": Japan's Ministry of Health on evidence of "HPV" & "rabies virus" existence

CDC FOIA confession: we have no scientific evidence of harm from staphylococcus

Alberta Court of King’s Bench lawyer & former "virus" researcher runs from questions about "viruses" and "the state"

Some responses to no-virus gaslighter, Meryl Nass