Sitemap - 2023 - Christine Massey's "germ" FOI Newsletter

CDC FOIA reply re scientific evidence of 1st "virus" ever "isolated" - ask a librarian!

"germ" FOIs - West Sussex, City of Welland Ontario, Ont Minstry of Health - no records!

CDC can't find any studies demonstrating contagion of colds/flu/fake-covid... because they don't exist

University of Sheffield protects fake-covid test developers Paraytec Ltd & Carl Smythe... again

CDC "germ" FOIA fails: "dengue virus", bacteria causing Lyme or psittacosis, Acinetobacter baumannii being deadly - no records!

Free viewing of The End of Covid extended until Oct. 18th

Clown court update

Coerced clown court appearance (#8!): Tues Sept 26, 9:00am Toronto time

Delusional people calling themselves "CROWN" finally back down

Fake-covid test developers Carl Smythe, U of Sheffield, Paraytec Limited, and a "virus" FOI

Challenge the clowns

More fake-covid → more free viewing of The End of COVID

A response to Dr Vernon Coleman about "germs"

CDC confesses: zero science showing ticks bites cause any adverse health effect/condition/sensitivity whatsoever

A response to Robin Monotti's "NOTICE" to no-virus "theorists"

A challenge for Ivermectin-pushers

If RFK Jr. really believes in telling the truth "no matter the cost", it's time to come clean re "germs"

KNOWLEDGE is power: The End of Covid begins TODAY

A Canadian virologist put no-virus FOI response from McMaster University on "the public record"

1-page notarized declaration re hundreds of "virus" FOIs showing virology isn't a science

"virus" FOIs - CDC, UK APHA, Derrick Broze, Steve Kirsch, Greg Hunt MP - no records!

A summit to expose the pseudoscience of virology

Open Letter to Denis Rancourt: Have you lost your mind?

"virus" FOIs - Canadian Food Inspection Agency, David Martin, PH Wales, Cardiff & Vale - no records, no science!

The curtain is closing on virology

"virus" queries - Max von Pettenkofer Inst, Oregon HA, W.H.O. scientist, U Glasgow - no records, no science!

"germ" FOIs - Joshua Quick 'King of Primers'; Carl Symthe/U Sheffield

David Martin's "malleable" reality: the no-virus movement doesn't exist but imaginary viruses do

Jay Couey admits no-virus people are right about fake "virus isolation", fake "sequencing" and no SARS-COV-2

Update: Pam Deol of Brampton alleges multiple trespasses by way of kidnapping, assault, etc. by people acting for Halton Regional Police

Victory in Court! Virology Indefensible → Case Against Marvin Dropped!

Virology on Trial near Hamburg, Germany Tomorrow!!

"germ" FOIs - U.S. CDC, European CDC, Sabine Hazan and Bigtree - no records!

Pam aka Parmjit Deol of Brampton, Ontario kidnapped and forcibly detailed at "Vanier Centre for Women" AGAIN

"germ" FOIs - RKI and DFG Germany, Del Bigtree, Multnomah County HD, ChatGPT, BC Health Ministry - no records!

Dan Wilson, Janssen/J&J agent, gets basic facts wrong about "SARS-COV-2" publications

"virus" questions - Sasha Latypova - hop hop, run off, you're banned!

"germ" FOIs - James Lyons-Weiler, Sundhedsstyrelsen, U Toronto, Statens Serum, CDC, UK HSA - no records!

"germ" FOIs - Del Bigtree, India, Project Veritas, Europe, Dr. Dan Wilson, CDC, NZ ESR - no records!

"germ" FOIs - Children's Health Defense, CDC, Katherine Watt, NHS Grampian - no records!

"germ" FOIs - UK HSA, Bigtree/ICAN, RFK Jr/CHD, WHO, CDC, Ayesha Verrall - no records!

Why is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running from the missing virus problem?

An Exclusive Interview with CHD's and RFK Jr.'s scientific advisor, Dr. Jonathan Jay Couey