Sitemap - 2022 - Christine Massey's "germ" FOI Newsletter

"germ" and spike protein FOIs - RFK Jr, Jay Couey, CHD, CDC0 - no records!

"germ" FOIs - Igor Chudov, German, Belgian, Dutch "scientists", CDC, Simcoe Muskoka - no records, no controls!

"germ" FOIs - McCullough, McKernan, CDC, French researcher, Doherty - no records! & notarized declaration

"germ" FOIs - World Council for Health, Gavin Newsom, CDC, Aust DOH, NZ Min Health, Ireland's NVRL - no records!

"germ" FOIs - CDC, UNC Chapel Hill, NZ MBIE, Health Canada, PHAC, Maine CDC, Peterborough - no records!

Horrific treatment by Vanier Centre for Women staff alleged in Milton Ontario courthouse

"germ" FOIs - Taiwan, CDC, Toronto, Grey-Bruce, NZ ESR, U Canterbury, Lambeth - no records!

"germ" FOIs - Euro CDC, ANSM France, UBC, Patrick Wood, John Abeles, PH Ontario, Diane Therrien - no records!

"germ" FOIs - New Zealand institutions, Cheshire West and Chester Council, UK - no records!

"germ" FOIs - W.H.O., Australia's DOHAC, Somerset UK, NZ ESR, Waikato, Otago no records!

Response to Jeff Green’s “Challenge”

"germ" FOIs - Deluxe Special Edition!!

The real reason I now refuse to debate Steve Kirsch

"germ" FOIs & LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY re "the virus challenge"

SARS-COV-2 & Marburg FOIs: PH Canada & Scotland, U of Otago, OPP, ON Solicitor General, Calgary Police - no records! -- October 28, 2021

"germ" FOIs - PANDA, Sweden, CDC, Florida, Massachusetts - no records! - June 13, 2022

"germ" FOIs: Metropolitan Police UK, California, Hackney - no records! - July 1, 2022

"germ" FOIs & debate - Wellcome Sanger, CDC, Washington State, U of Toronto, UK municipalities - no records! -- June 30, 2022

"germ" FOIs - NIAID, NZ ESR & Otago, NY State, Muskoka, Wiltshire - no records! -- July 6, 2022

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