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Below is a link to new animal species discovered in 2024 alone. Unlike viruses and new viruses, there are actual isolated, live examples of these species that can be held, touched, and researched in real time. Their entire life cycles can be observed, and they can be dissected. Even if any of them were only found dead, their corpse stands alone as unique from any other known species on earth.

Virology has never isolated a virus. The illness that are attributed to them are akin to noticing a partially eaten leaf and inventing the creature that ate it based on only the size & shape of the marks on the leaf. They could write research papers about the species, draw up sketches, commission illustrations of the species in the wild eating a leaf. Now imagine that later on, other actual creatures are found eating the leaves real time, and leaving identical marks, the inventor (not discoverer) of the new species refuses to admit they were wrong, that they have not only have never seen their invented creature eating a leaf, they've never seen the creature, and thus cannot produce a living example of it. They would be exposed as and declared a fraud.

That's where we are with viruses. None can be isolated from a sick individual, let alone on surfaces or captured in ambient air around a sick individual or exiting their respiratory orifices. None exist in a test tube, petri dish, or blood sample. No government agency on earth has a record of an isolated virus. The electron microscope images purported to be viruses are of little oval things encased in resin that could be anything. That's it. That's all they have. Nothing.

And because scientific principles have not been adhered, virology is a pseudoscience.

One does not need a degree in medicine or science or anything else to identify a fraud, a long con, a scam.


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lol. some people just don't catch it. I have friends who are like me, no shots, working with people who are sick, right in the thick of things. They haven't had the virus.

That said, they know and acknowledge the virus exists. One is a VA ICU nurse.

My daughter's boyfriend is the same.

Good genes re: covid

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There was and is a covid virus. The covid virus acted differently. Covid pneumonia looked differently on chest xray and CT scan. It acted differently. I was an ICU nurse for almost 30 years. I also caught the delta strain. I have no co morbidities. Hit hard and fast. Long story. 10 months on O2.

I have not taken one shot.

People who fall for, or who preach the no virus mantras are ignorant, money seeking fops.

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More ignorant writers passing on more ignorance to their readers. Ever hear or read of EXOSOMES? Do some research there and see where it leads you. There are no viruses. PERIOD. I've done my homework, you're just regurgitating the BS that started back when they crap canned the terrain theory of disease.

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Subs has a problem? or links are suuuuuuper slow and some disabled. Appreciate you. Thank you, Christine.

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Yes, and, btw, I responded to her X post about this, noting that for someone who has been smeared by those with an agenda to discredit any countering narratives, she might consider speaking with more respect about those who have a different narrative than hers. I suggested she become educated rather than hostile.

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Thank you, Christine, for your tireless, outstanding work. The people who are comfortable and well adapted to this planetary, open air, lunatic asylum are the ones who are truly insane.

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She got dragged. Good.

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Yep there a a lot of Allopathically indoctrinated doctors. Thanks for exposing this one

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These people are truly incredible...their ability to understand all this stuff they can't even see, great intuition...maybe from God. I am proud to call these people experts and I support scientific tyranny 100%. I hope 2024 is the year of another exciting scientific breakthrough of stuff no one can see, maybe some genetically modified ghosts.

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Thank you Christine,

i am with you all the way, i have had so many so called vaccine because of my travel when young, i believed in the germ theory, but because of my travel it was not clear to me why,

people fully vaccinated as i was where getting sick and not me.

that made me think,and with Covid I was able to go beyond fear look back and realize that all i was told was a lie.

But the battle to change people view on viruses and contagion is a massive one, no one want to face it.

best wishes


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Nass & the rest of the cowards who won’t show up for an honest debate reveal their faithful ignorance every time they say or write anything on the subject.

Thanks Christine!!!!

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i read what you posted this women said i found her to be silly .. comical.. confused.. incohearant,,

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Excellent work again, Christine! It's a sad commentary on "professionals" at minimum, to see how easily they are either fooled, or bought off. I'm not so sure the main focus of their efforts is to make sure people believe in viruses as much as it is to keep the rest of the logical and wise of us spending our time responding. Either way, your efforts are valiant and commendable and much needed, still, it seems.

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