June 4, 2023 Addendum:

Here is a timeline that I created a while back in response to some of Jay’s accusations about no-virus people:

True timeline and emails with CHD consultant, Jay Couey


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Jun 6, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

Great work Christine. I watched the video with yourself, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Alec Zeck and Dr Mark Bailey and the discussion around JJ Couey and mischaracterization and was taken aback at his extremely childish responses.

Waving about x-number papers and claiming 40 years of studies as his evidence is astounding. He ignores the fact that as was pointed out by Professor John Ioannidis paper "Why Most Published Research Findings are False".

Many papers simply use references from previous studies as evidence and we know that the measles study by Enders did not follow what we know as the scientific method. Dr. Stefan Lanka showed it to be so.

If the research or experiment has no controls it is false. He, Couey as a biologist should be aware of that. It's a basic fundamental

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May 11, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

Slightly off topic, but I saw the best no virus talking point yesterday. Apparently, people who were vaccinated last year for Monkeypox in Chicago are having something of a relapse epidemic. So Monkeypox uses the oldest of old school of vaccines: live Vaccinia/Cow Pox. One brand, ACAM2000, is very old school, and is still cut into your arm, the other brand, Janeos, is injected, like flu/MMR/coof etc. The records of the last 600 years (remember, Jenner started the switch to Vaccinia/vaccination in 1790s, but direct Smallpox inoculation is over a millenia old and began in Europe in ernest in late 1500s/early 1600s), these records, clearly showed many did not buy the innoculation/vaccination theater and from the start said it does not prevent infection, but actually spured outbreaks, and caused the disease. Well, now we see the centuries derided naysayers appear correct. If the God of vaccine theater, Vaccinia, is a dud, they have nothing. Vaccinia is the key stone, and it is just plaster of paris. If you can pull people like Couey off of mRNA and make him explain why Vaccinia is a real thing but also a trick, maybe he will fully wake up. As long as people can talk about new, faulty vaccines, they have squiggle room. This takes the convo back to first principles, all vaccines are nonsense, many are not harmless, and they can't work because there is no there there.

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To Christine and her CAPABLE readers:

I am placing this message here at the top of your comments section so it actually gets VIEWED and by the greatest number of people. The "drama" of the last few days is an example of what can happen when an anonymous online IDIOT decides he's a freakin' KNOW-IT-ALL and he knows more about historical events or movements than an OBVIOUS veteran who WAS ACTUALLY FREAKIN' THERE! I took great pains to offer the documentation that we made concerning much of what transpired in our dear old, NOW-DESTROYED "AIDS" dissident movement which we posted at the following link:


ONE GOOD THING that has arisen out of all of these misinterpretations and misunderstandings is that the persistent IGNORANCE of one of Christine's commenters here has permitted me the opportunity to explain and RE-EXPLAIN for you readers what actually happened in and to our old "AIDS" dissident movement. As anyone can see who is NOT burdened by reading comprehension deficiencies and who takes the time to read the above link, there are NUMEROUS allegations we made (along with proof from e-mails from --and actions taken by- Duesberg and his "THUGS") that there WERE INDEED many acts of suppression and censorship perpetrated by the Duesberg faction against Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her "Perth Group" of dissenting "AIDS" researchers.

These included e-mails from Celia Farber in CELIA'S own words which Celia CHOSE to use in MANY e-mails that she CHOSE to send (many of which I STILL HAVE). The confusion around Celia's role may stem from the fact that she proved to be a very useful idiot for the Duesberg Cabal, but I get the feeling that Farber was not always involved in the "Cabal's" plans. Celia was more of an incessant cheerleader --and she still is to this day-- for her hero and "Daddy figure" Peter Duesberg. Celia's e-mails were directed both privately to smaller groups of individual supporters of the Perth Group (sometimes but not always including yours truly) as well as more publicly to VERY LARGE lists of e-mail recipients.

Much of this "civil war" was carried out semi-privately starting in 2008 via a large and varying (over time) list of e-mail recipients of HIGHER LEVER members of the "AIDS" dissident movement. I was considered --at least for these purposes-- one such "higher level" "AIDS" dissident who was "privileged" to be placed on the ever-changing recipients' list much of the time. Some exceptions were some private replies that were sent by Celia and others, many of which I have also received from third party recipients since then. There were several even more private e-mail threads, many "sub-discussions", that took place among even smaller groups of recipients. We certainly had many private discussions of our own that were also carried out via e-mail by a small group of us Perth Group supporters, including yours truly.

For a few months in 2009, the discussions and fights were also occurring on an old "Yahoo Groups" group, before DAVID CROWE threatened legal action (as he was WONT to do back then) against the owner of the Yahoo Group, and the owner then deleted ALL of our discussions! (See: http://www.tig.org.za/Paradigm%20posts.htm for some snippets from some of those deleted discussions).

At any rate, Celia Farber is absolutely LYING--(or suffering from early onset memory loss??)-- when she now claims that no one was ever trying to stop Eleni or the Perth Group or suppress the Perth Group's efforts! We have taken the time to document the histories of BOTH the original "Rethinking AIDS" group of which I WAS a small contributor (I copy-edited the old newsletters from the OLD, original "RA" group) AS WELL AS all the more unsavory history of the NEW, Rethinking AIDS "2.0" group that Duesberg and his cabal decided they needed to revive circa 2005 (with a lot of assistance from the always willing, dutiful and EAGER DAVID CROWE!).

Those histories are still available at the following link:

http://www.tig.org.za/History_of_Rethinking_AIDS_1.htm (follow all the way through from PART 1 to PART 6)

The opportunities for our old "AIDS" dissident movement in South Africa vis-a-vis President Mbkei's AIDS Advisory Panel were the greatest, most significant opportunities that ANY medical dissident movement EVER HAD! The history of what transpired and what did NOT transpire in South Africa is also documented at the histories #s1 through 6, available at the link above, and there are even more analyses at the following links:






I may comment later about the old exchanges in Continuum Magazine that took place between Duesberg and the Perth Group which Christine has referenced below. That "drama" that occurred in 1996-97 may need some clarification, too. However, that "event" was not only much older but, in my view, it was also actually much less injurious to the Perth Group and the "AIDS" dissident movement at large than the debacle that took place in South Africa in the early 2000s and all the subsequent Machiavellian acts of deceit that were perpetrated by the Duesberg cabal later on once they resuscitated the RA "2.0" group circa the mid 2000s.

BIG THANKS to those who actually LISTEN and those who aren't afraid to have their heroes questioned!


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i want to send you a link by email, the only way i know how as an elder, but can't find one

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May 9, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

It’s going to be difficult for JC to acknowledge he was wrong because he acted like such an asshole in presentations I saw. Had he been an intellectual researcher, and more importantly a graceful communicator, he would not now be in the position of strategizing on how to save face. Maybe he will apologize for some stupid/ offensive things he said. Maybe he will turn his anger upon the system that trained him. It seems he’s going through the process, thanks to you Christine and others who have made him reconsider his faith in virology.

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Have you heard Jon Rappaport’s two podcasts on HIV/AIDS and Duesberg?

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May 8, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

A few months ago, I left a comment here on my take on Jay. I had never heard of him, was recommended him as someone who would win me back to yes virus. I watched one video interview of him from Dec 2022and, as I said here, he appeared to be a hot muddled mess, deeply in the throes of cognitive dissonance and ego fortification. Even then it was clear he truly no longer accepted yes virus, but he just couldn't quit it. He talked of virologists tricking themselves (as opposed to just being liars), he talked of viruses being ghosts (because if you want to convince me of imaginary things, use imaginary things!), and he said the reason you have to be yes virus is because the risk is too great if they really are real (i.e. the check for under bed monsters, to be safe, not sorry). Aside: there are no treatments for viruses, just the crude sympathetic magic warding ritual to make it pass you by, so actually, there is no benefit to calling it a virus instead of a demon infestation or just a bad day. My own switch was much easier and quick, like Yeadon's, but it helps to be ontologically flexible and to have no ego bonds or relationship bonds to yes virus. Plus, this really started for me back in the 90s with HIV, but I gave up on that, moved on, only tomrealize why having won back then was a critical lost opportunity that allowed 2020 (same cast of characters as HIV). I've since seen Jay taking on a lot of the "freedom hucksters" and my opinion of him softened. I think he will get here sooner rather than latter, so long as he doesn't fall in love with his clones idea and reattach his ego to the lie. Yes virus has only one objective, to maintain the vaccine death theater resource grab loosh farm that has been going on for 600 years. Just say no...virus.

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Hi Christine,

I have already added another reply, this one to Jeff Sims so that I could further explain to HIM why I expanded my comments about Celia Farber in my reply to his message. It needs to be emphasized why ALL OF THIS NONSENSE and threatening posts on Celia's stack came about, like a nightmarish game of "whisper-down-the-alley" being played by presumably all adults! It was because a "newbie", Jeff Sims, revealed that Celia had apparently "unleashed" her "emotional outrage" on HIM! What was Jeff's "crime"? Questioning Jon Rappoport! As I keep recommending, Celia needs to be IGNORED! It is my understanding that YOU, Christine, witnessed similar "emotional outrage" from Farber, no...?? If anyone needs evidence from ME, I could post some of the old "love letters" that Celia sent me....?? LOL! Let me know! I'm just not sure that they are particularly appropriate for THIS comments section, and I might like to retain them for further purposes should the need arise.

Again...for anyone who is still unclear: this is about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for one's past support of FLAWED science! (Remember: this IS a *SCIENTIFIC* issue!) As I have stated elsewhere, ALL of us old-time "AIDS" dissidents have supported the great and "respectable" Peter Duesberg for at least some length of time! This includes yours truly! Some of us learned, however, to STOP that support, and some of us came to that conclusion a LONG TIME ago (like DECADES ago, in fact)!

At any rate, as for "Cosmos" you can decide what to do about him. After all, it IS your substack. However, I hope you can see how he really does drag down the quality of comments on here! It is my understanding that there ARE settings that you can control pertaining to who you allow to post comments on your own content here on substack.

I am copying my new reply to Jeff below:

As for the comment below from "Cosmos":

"Cosmos" has already stated numerous times how stupid he is and how much more simply he needs things to be explained for HIM!! He has also demonstrated repeatedly how profoundly IGNORANT HE is of all of the pertinent facts being discussed here including these historical FACTS about our old "AIDS" dissident movement! I only expanded my comments about Celia so that Jeff would feel better about the emotional outrage that she felt she needed to unleash on HIM!

It is quite well known among our "no virus" faction that this is a VERY common occurrence where Celia unleashes her wrath on new AND old members of the "no virus" faction who dare to question HER heroes and their STUPID defense of virology! It's OBVIOUS to anyone who investigates her closely that Celia is INSANE!! I've been calling her that for YEARS and she's never tried to sue ME! (BIG HINT: if you do not want to be called insane, then you should not send people multiple private e-mails where you really SOUND INSANE! I could have- and perhaps SHOULD have-- pursued CYBERSTALKING charges against HER!)

Not only that but, as I tried to point out to all LITERATE readers in my earlier post, it is lesser known that, as Farber HERSELF has admitted, she was utterly SH*T on by HER heroes in our old "AIDS" dissident movement! Also, I NEVER claimed that she ever received one red CENT for her ill-advised and zealous defense of her "Daddy figure" Peter Duesberg!

Unlike "Cosmos", I have already stated numerous times who I am and have provided my own background which is ALWAYS available for ALL to see in my profile on here --- and it's IN MY OWN FREAKIN' REAL NAME!!

If "Cosmos" truly had any BALLS, he would REVEAL his OWN identity! If not, then he needs to kindly STFU!! If he refuses to reveal his identity, then he should leave the adults here ALONE and go bother his *8* subscribers if they can STAND HIM!


Thanks Christine!

Rod Knoll


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Hello, Christine!

Rod Knoll has sent me this response, which he has deleted (why?)

I'll post it here so that everyone can see. (I will change his excessive use of uppercase letters to improve readability.)

Rod writes in response to this critical comment of mine: https://christinemasseyfois.substack.com/p/jay-couey-admits-no-virus-people/comment/15737465

Rod Knoll:

"You have already stated numerous times how stupid you are and how much more simply you need things to be explained for you!! You have demonstrated repeatedly how profoundly ignorant you are of all of the pertinent facts being discussed including these historical facts about our old "AIDS" dissident movement! I only expanded my comments about Celia so that Jeff would feel better about the emotional outrage that she felt she needed to unleash on him! It is quite well known among the "no virus" faction that this is a very common occurrence where Celia unleashes her wrath on people who dare to question her heroes! Unlike you, I have already stated numerous times who I am and have provided my own background which is always available for all to see in my profile on here --- and it's in my own beautiful real name!! Who in tarnation are you anyway???!! Care to reveal yourself, you astonishingly sagacious stranger??? If not, then kindly remain silent!! Hopefully this sentence is short enough for even you to understand: Leave the adults here alone! Go bother your eight subscribers if they can stand you."


I've also altered some of his minced words, for the sake of comedy.

I don't know what kind of emotional nightmare did Jeff Sims go through. Please, Jeff, tell me that story.


I've sent an email to Celia Farber after writing a comment on this on her stack. Since she is attacked, I wanted to know her side. This guy Rod was so weird. Celia seems motivated to defend.

I want to repeat that I agree with Jon Rappoport on the admonition to not eat our own. Fights can be fun, but let's focus on the real issue.


Also, since Rod asks who am I, I am only an internet commenter with a pseudonym and an interest in justice and learning what is happening and what can I do.

I often bring links and quotes from videos to learn more about our situation.

People who read my comments know that most of the time I encourage people to overcome helplessness and to take care of their own health and fight against the global tyranny. That's just me.

Rod seems distracted, sadly.

This man acts in a weird way, in my opinion.




Rod Knoll's bio, for those interested.

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May 7, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

I think we need to hire a Catholic priest to do an exorcism on all these folks who know the truth yet cling to falsehoods. Purge them of the cognitive dissonance that (some) viruses exist yet none ever proven to exist. Get them to come clean. Or maybe a specialized rehab facility for germ theory adherents who understand it is a lie.

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May 6, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

Those four "cv's" are like beer bottles lined up on the fence... They'll be shot offa there PDQ!

The LIGHT is at the end of the tunnel... We're birthing a New Humanity... HOLD FAST, Mom is working hard to get us there. ;)

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May 6, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

I have to leave for work, but THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Thanks, CM!! xo

I will read up the whole post and stuff tonight when I get home.


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May 6, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

Even RFKJr has privately admitted in emails that viruses don't exist but says he can't speak out on it. Don't have the link at hand but it was in one of Eric Coppolino's stack articles re: no virus debate & Eric has been all over the CHD/Bobby Jr. reluctance to go there for a couple of years now. Check him out.


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May 6, 2023·edited May 6, 2023

In a Twitch stream on February 28th UTC titled "Study Hall--Robert Malone on London Real", JC wore a t-shirt which consisted of the logo of Mossad with the text "SINCE 1949" below the logo: https://i.ibb.co/2dx60BW/jonathan-jay-couey-twitch-1752154423-mossad-t-shirt-feb-28th-2023.jpg.

I don't think JC ever explained why he wore the t-shirt. It may have been to troll Kevin McCairn, who two days earlier did a stream about J. Bart Classen's paper which said that Mossad did COVID (https://rumble.com/v2b2zdo-world-war-shlomo-part-2-lab-leak-psy-op-classen-and-mossad-covid-klaus.html). At that point JC had been in a streaming war with McCairn for a few months after McCairn and Rixey called out his clone theory as nonsense. But why would JC have bought the Mossad t-shirt in the first place? What was the point of just wearing the t-shirt on a stream without ever explaining why he wore it?

JC's T-shirt was designed by Shlomo Cohen and it's part of a collection of designs which express love for the state of Israel (https://qumranshop.com/apparel/t-shirt-mossad-1949.html).

On a list of "DRASTIC's key breakthroughs and research" compiled by Charles Rixey, the first entry is that Dan and Karl Sirotkin co-authored a blog post about the lab leak theory which was published on January 31st 2020, and the second entry is that JC started posting YouTube videos about COVID in February 2020 (https://i.ibb.co/3yjWYNN/drastic-key-breakthroughs.png). Out of the videos that are currently visible on JC's YouTube channel, the very first video about COVID was a video about the blog post by Dan and Karl Sirotkin (https://www.youtube.com/@JConabike/videos).

Dan Sirotkin tweeted: "As half Askenazi Jew and half Cajun, I can't imagine how those white devils sleep at night!!" (https://twitter.com/Harvard2H/status/1425424404591284231). He also tweeted: "Wonder if us Jews get free bagels..." (https://twitter.com/Harvard2H/status/1222165786304880640) He also tweeted: "Where do I start with the quarter-to-three-quarter Jew privilege?" (https://twitter.com/Harvard2H/status/1298767738811318272) However he probably gets his Jewish ancestry from his father's side because he tweeted: "My last name means 'orphan' in both Ukrainian and Russian because my paternal great-great-grandfather had to be hidden in a Catholic orphanage in Gomel so he didn't end up as the Tsar's cannon-fodder, since he was a Jew." (https://twitter.com/Harvard2H/status/1603861877993476097) So his father Karl Sirotkin might be a full Jew.

Karl Sirotkin is a self-described "former NSA counterterrorism analyst" (https://harvardtothebighouse.com/2020/01/31/logistical-and-technical-analysis-of-the-origins-of-the-wuhan-coronavirus-2019-ncov/). So basically it's possible that DRASTIC started out with a blog post that was co-authored by a half-Jew and his fully Jewish father who was a counterterrorism analyst for the NSA.

On Rixey's list of DRASTIC's key breakthroughs, the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th entries are about work done by Yuri Deigin, but Deigin also posted a tweet where he said: "PS: for the record, I am against censorship. Even for Holocaust deniers. And I'm half Jewish." (https://twitter.com/ydeigin/status/1396928014454304770)

George Webb has been moving in the same circles as JC for three years now, and for example they were both doing videos with Addy Adds and the Jew Paul Cottrell early on, but George Webb has said that he has homies at French Mossad: "(0:09) All my French Mossad homies want me to do a shout out to Francis Cabrel. [...] It's just the spycraft and the beauty of how Mossad does shit. You know, I just - especially the French Mossad is just really fantastic spycraft. And really the antecedents of that go all the way back to World War 2. This is when they were working with OSS - and I've said this before - they would have these radio shows at night where they would do different songs, play different songs, and the songs were encoded. Certain songs would mean blow up the local railroad. Thanks Mossad homies and [something Français?] because you've helped me out so much in this. [...] (1:00) One of the things that's been so hard for me in this series is playing the Mossad thing. Because so many people have come out against Mossad and how evil Mossad is and so forth. [...] (1:14) So that's - I'm always rooting for Mossad secretly kind of. And this is what that is. [...] (1:35) My sources, and I'm - you saw French Mossad today, you know, give me some stuff. [...] (2:54) And then there's the great Mossad, which was fundamental to the survival of Israel. I know people are going to say we did a lot of stuff. And you know with the Lebanese babies and the Yemeni babies and Palestine and - I'm not getting into that, I don't want to get into that, organ harvesting and all this. We can do business the old way, we still make a lot of money, make everybody happy, make movies, whatever we do. [...] (4:37) I do have [unintelligible] ties with Israel. [...] And I'm with the old guard. You know, the Negev Brigade, and Ben-Gurion, and Avi Braverman." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKBC3gChmKQ)

JC worked as a research scientist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam from 2012 to 2016, but in a Periscope livestream that George Webb did with Jason Goodman in 2017, George Webb said that he used to "do drops" for Dutch intelligence: "(10:45) So, let me - I was talking about Mossad earlier. So, so, I didn't know that these people that were presenting themselves - little bit at a time - 'Oh, I'm just a diplomat. Oh, I'm just actually, uh, well, actually I had some intelligence background way back when. Oh, actually, um, I did a few operations. Oh, well, I might still do occasional stuff for blah blah blah. Oh, yeah, actually I am French intel.' That kinda procedure. And this happened to me with the Dutch. And now I'm just - I'm gonna let everybody know right now, I used to work with the Dutch. So it wasn't Russia. And I did drops." (https://www.pscp.tv/w/a_x8cDFEWUtYa0RwcWRwUWd8MXluS09qV3B3QlZ4UvjvMvixyqHi5E7VGH9t5zF4ulqSFK4NNYOqsMyKHhmr, https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/6ea5jp/wtf_is_george_webb_working_for_mossad_israeli/)

In a YouTube video titled "Day 214.7. Hillary's Leakers and Hackers", George Webb admitted that he was a Jew: "I'm not Republican or a Democrat, I'm a Berniecrat - but anyway - and Jewish, so that's - I'm always rooting for Mossad, secretly, kind of. And this is what that is." (https://steemit.com/news/@defango/george-webb-and-this-mossad-homies, https://streamable.com/mm6v3)

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May 6, 2023Liked by Christine Massey FOIs

And David Martin is now pushing that idea, that the original four were isolated in the mid '60s, and then inculcated in animals and engineered into entities which can be used as weapons. The people who *need* a virus present in order to push their interests will hang on to the virus as desperately as someone clinging from the outside on to a window sill of a place more than floors above the ground. Thanks, Christine, your body of work just keeps overwhelming the fakers.

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