Hi Christine! It's Jennifer in Italy. I had no idea that you had a Substack, even though I get the Fluoridefreepeel.newsletter. I really hope you're doing well! If it hadn't been for you I'd never have opened my eyes to the "HIV" fraud that killed my husband, which I might have told you before, but my memory is REALLY bad!!

Anyway, I'll make this quick. I'd never even heard of this Latypova woman until two days ago, when Substack reccomended her to me for some unknown reason. I knew nothing about who she is, what her credentials are, what she knows, what she believes, etc.

I wrote her a comment telling her what I think of the whole "Covid vax" debate and said that I don't understand why anyone would consider VAERS data to be valid in any way, since VAERS is managed by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration. (I don't know your feelings about that, but these are mine.) Anyway, since I knew nothing about her except for the fact that a bunch of people were writing in her comments section, it seems that I inadvertently pissed her off with my statement about VAERS. Her defense of VAERS was "It's been in existence for at least 30 years." Well, we supposedly went to the moon 54 years ago too, but that sure as hell doesn't make IT real either!! This isn't a scientific statement, but I got the feeling that I was talking to a kind of nut, who seems to be awfully invested in the whole"Covid"baloney. This post of yours that I've just read has confirmed my thoughts and feelings 100%!!

Anyway, I'll leave it at that. I found your Substack by way of looking up who on earth that woman is, so in the end something really positive came from my

'encounter' with her - I found YOUR Substack because of it!

Thank you for what you continue to do and especially for what you do for people like I used to be - someone who knew they'd been very seriously lied to about "viruses", but didn't have any idea about where to go for the truth about the subject.

Until next time!! Ciao!! 🙂

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Each has their own perspective and none seems to be complete. It is, as one looks at the light spectrum of superheated elements to find the black bands showing what is truly there. The black bands are facts. Many of the experts fall into the trap of extrapolating on fallacies, yet the information they reveal from their observations of other facts is important to the understanding of the entire puzzle. I commend all who work so hard to uncover this operation at their level, be it micro or macro.

It is apparent that the "no virus has been proven" is fact. Christine, Baileys, Cowan, Lanka, Kaufman and others work from this black band of truth. The focus of others uncovers truths in their spectrums.

We all benefit from the open debate but not from infighting and personal attacks.

"Pursue With Vigor"

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My interactions with Sasha ended when she would not acknowledge the existance of graphene in the jabs. It was strange, she just told me 'not to worry about that'. Smelled like rat.

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Is Latypova a virologist? Viruses can be beneficial or harmful. So all the electron micrographs of viruses going back many decades are fake? The spike protein clearly the toxic portion of the coronavirus, and clearly visible on electron micrographs are fake? I guess all those courses I did on virology way back in the 1970s were a fraud and committed by thousands of virologists globally in colluding to commit this fraud? Whatever you think of the Covid jabs––and I think they are terrible––it doesn't negate that viruses exist, have been catalogue and viral illnesses are pathognomonic or the particular virus that is a causative agent.

It also doesn't negate the fact that if you have a robust immune system, while you may harbour a virus, your body can neutralize it and adapt. That is the definition of homeostasis.

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I would like to see Sasha Latypova discuss the existence of a virus with Dr Robert Young. She is way out of her depth.

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Keep fighting the fight and thank you for your work.

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“She says that she will testify about my “deranged behavior last night, if needed”.”

Not. going. to. happen. 😉

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This is what the Truth looks like. Our Congress men and women, our Federal judges, should hide in shame or come out of the shadows and join in the roar of the Truth. Those who do not need to be removed by all lawful means necessary. This is what a health democracy sounds like. Embrace it! Notice the strength and courage. Do the rest of us have what it takes, particularly our leaders? I wonder.


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Sorry to read of this exchange but happy that you have documented this treatment (by Latypova & her cohorts.) which is so similar to the desperate Steve Hirsch dissing/putdowns of your findings last year.

Glad you are still pushing back, Christine, & all props, respect & love for your carrying on. Stay strong.

Not surprising in the least that Sasha Latypova is helping to protect a multi-billion dollar farma club.

Conflicts of interest seem pretty clear to everyone if they only look at her background/loyalties/history.

If the word gets out to the plebes that there are NO viruses & have never been any viruses, then the shill vaxx & bogus treatments ("Paxlovid" anyone?) are rendered useless & seen as crap "medicine".

Can't happen soon enough as peeps are still dying from ruthless vaxx mandates & big lies everywhere.

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Brava, Christine! Virus huggers and Pfizer shills apparently can't hold a decent conversation with anyone who dares to question them!

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Just came across this :)



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It is fascinating watching the rotten teeth being exposed and slowly being pulled from the demon, one by one. Christine Massey you're legendary.

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Bravo for sharing all the FOI info! And, you know you are telling the truth when they come gunning for you. Hang in there & keep on going!

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Hi Christine Massey, I'm sorry Sasha Alexandra Latypova was so phenomenally rude to you.

I don't know who this woman thinks she is, but something about her has rubbed me wrong from the moment I discovered her channel on bitchute.

As I said to her on her plasmagate post a couple of evenings ago the real issue is virusgate, and that a lot of people have blood on their hands. Her connection to the FDA & big pharma may make her blind to the free ride the fraudulent virus theory is to WHO, the dod, and how they've used it and intent to use it to run roughshod over humanity with every subsequent scam they choose to pull, as they are working on Marburg and have since the summer of 2020, but it's very obvious to anyone who's not interested in playing any part in their medical biotech/nano /graphene/ sensor happy, digital technocratic agenda2030 cartel. Thank you for your honest work, kind regards and a happy spring to you. 🌷


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Sasha is one degree or less removed from both McKinnsey and BCG, which are two of the best known, establishment, old school CIA Cut Outs, which means, like most of the names in the "health freedom movement" she is no more than one degree from the CIA, or similar Alphabet Agency. I'm pretty sure that all of the super sleuth ladies--she, Kingston, Ruby, and Watt--who were the who first started talking about the coof juice "Operation Pharmakia," being DOD, didn't figure anything out, they literally were just told by the people they travel the country with, getting money sharing a stage with, speaking half truths and propaganda to rubes with, people like Kash Patel and Dr. Alexander from the actual OWS. Patel now openly admits OWS was DOD. A lot of very mid and low wit people got to look smart regurgitating insider information, by getting to act like they Sherlock Holmesed it. This explains how Sasha is smart enough to do somewhat arcane FOIAs regarding the coof juice, but despite locking herself to the hip of an unemployed paralegal, can't figure out FOIAs for inter govt contracts, on which she nonetheless regularly opines. She 100% won't let anyone assail the legal expertise of the unemployed, paralegal. Just as sure as JJ Couey is that viral ghosts exist despite his believing scientists trick themselves into thinking they see them, when they don't, because ghosts are invisible and very shy, she is sure Katherine Watt is the 2nd coming of Blackstone. It's all the same with all of them--her employer, whoever cast her for her role, needs viruses to exist or their favorite loosh farm and death theater bogie man disappears.

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Yesterday, on a flight from Europe, I watched Goodfellas. Sasha's language resembles the language of gang members: "...deranged Christine Masey for example, who is very entertaining I must admit, but I had to put her out of her misery purely out of compassion. Sent her off to her own pastures and blocked here. I hope that demonstrated the effects of "camping". She is definitely in a camp and took a stance and can no longer function as a result, poor thing."

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