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There is an english transcript of the post-trial interview here:


And here is NEXT LEVEL'S website, with information for people who might like to pursue Marvin's approach (this is not legal advice!):


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Hi Christine, I know you're really busy, but also I imagine you have a really good filing system. I think I remember that Tom C or Andrew K did a really good run down of this https://www.cbc.ca/radio/quirks/jan-7-a-real-viral-video-is-scientific-innovation-stagnating-rocks-from-the-oort-cloud-and-more-1.6703639/viral-video-watch-this-microscopic-virus-try-to-infect-a-cell-1.6705850 'viral' activity video but I can't find it.

No worries if you have too much to do, or don't have it to hand, it's only for a comment on a post.

Many thanks,


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After listening to Marvin’s interview I want to qualify my comment… it’s not a victory, per se. His case was dismissed and no witnesses were heard. The judge seemed biased and wanted to get the issue off the table. Non the less, we can claim now that they do t want this issue being discussed and now my virus loving friends have to look at that (at least). 👍

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Thank you dear Christine and Marvin, you two are just great!!!


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That's great news!

Congratulations Marvin!

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Dear Christine

I have a new take on lung physiology that dismisses the idea that gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, are dissolved in our blood and are exchanged in the lungs.

My Substack article is titled: We breathe air not oxygen

I discuss the difference between air and oxygen and the cause of oxygen toxicity.

I discuss the role of salt - water must follow salt not lead in the equation of hydration

If we are to dismantle the multiple layers of medical retardation, this new way of viewing lung physiology must be explored robustly.

Underpinning my research is Peter Peterson’s free eBook available at smashwords

100 reasons water is not H2O

The corruption of how we are schooled to view water as a chemical equation is the MAJOR disruptor in science and medicine.

May curiosity be your friend


Smashwords – 100 Reasons Water Is Not H2O – a book by Peter Peterson

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Another update about Marvin -- just posted today from Dr Tom Cowan (first 35 minutes):


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So, what you’re telling me is this “Social Distancing” song by The Wiggles was not actually based on ‘the science’?

This way to the clip 🎥 https://youtu.be/jUmSiLXesKI

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Parabéns Christine Massey, espero que o processo crime que coloquei contra a DGS e MS Português, por todas as restrições ditatoriais que colocaram na sociedade Portuguesa tenha também um final feliz, para TODOS NÓS!

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They knew a hot potato when they saw one. :-)

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Does anyone know if the law (scientific method) is applicable in Australia? I have heard Stefan mention it is international however I am unable to confirm that for Australia.

Marvin took a stand. For that I am grateful and hopeful.

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Great news! Here are a couple of videos in English about the case. (the one from Kate Sugak is current).




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Was Marvin sued for something? What?

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I'll share far and wide! Thank you Christine!

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I don't understand much German, but thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carry on, Excellent Truthies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am marking my calendar as a BIG BATTLE in the WAR against the PEOPLE --- a WIN!

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