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We know what’s it’s going to take to bring the responsible individuals and bodies to justice if it ever happens because all the system are corrupt and compromised.

Who in the judicial system globally has the power to stand up to the mass corruption ?

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Hi Christine.

I have some more questions based on your knowledge know how and experience.

Measles ?

What come first ?

Measles or the so called vaccine against measles ?

And the MMR vaccines.


Measles and Rubela.

And why is it that a toddlers immune system is not fully developed until 12-18 months old .

Yet they are heavily vaccinated ?

And reading your literature on proof that these so called illnesses have never been proven to exist.

How did they come to be in the global healthcare systems.

What false evidence was publicised to allow this to happen ?

As with the Spanish flu it’s all false misrepresentation written into history from a false pretext .

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You’re Brilliant. I understand that you have to be very specific as well as trying to cover all the bases when making FOI Requests. If you’re not then the Government will play dumb and tell you they don’t have what you’re looking for.

I hope that I made sense.

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I have a couple of questions,

If you could be so kind and answer them as honestly as you would like too.

The reasons behind my questions is for nearly 4 years all but a few people I experienced and come across were not on the same page of thinking I was.

I’m not sure date wise when it broke full scale in USA, what were your first thoughts from the news if we should call it this that something highly infectious and highly dangerous suddenly appeared out of china. The narrative was created and presented to the world.

If you could answer honestly.

At what period of time did you start to realise that it was planned if you did have these thoughts.

That mostly all our friendly msm platforms were told to read from the same script ?

And did you buy into it all ?

Without thinking ummmm something does not seem truthful about all of what’s been broadcast to the world ?

How has our good friends Mr Fauci and Mr Gates been allowed to get away with everything they have been involved with concerning peoples health globally.

And are you aware the WHO is 83% funded by The Bill and Malinda Gates foundation ?

If indeed that is correct as it’s from credible sources.

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By the way I’m on your side.

Not that shall help make you warm to my commentary 😀

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You’ve interested me so much I’ve now signed up to your newsletter.

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And I am too against misinfo.

But we have had over 3 years nearly 4 of lies and misinformation by so called scientific and credible professionals globally all reading of the same script

In fact most of our lives have been misinformed.

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I’ve not had a chance to watch the video.

But I shall watch it in good time.

I believe your confusing my writings.

This is how things get twisted.

I’ve never written that any virus exists and the roan is real far from it.

Since the beginning I felt and did not need it proven to be shown to me.

You have written that I have that’s incorrect.

Your making accusations because what I have written and I shall provide evidence to the contrary.

What is fact?

As I have explained before.

And institutions can publish anything they wish and make it appear the truth but it’s down to the world to believe.

I researched too many years.

I’m not a scientist.

But I’m far from naive or gullible or stupid.

Or uneducated.

But I cannot stop a person thinking what they wish to believe

There are many hypothesis to what it may or may not be

Scientifically the rona as Dr Young wrote has never been proven to exist scientifically.

We can come out with as many truths from who we believe as we like but the fact is if the right group of people don’t come out soon with the law behind them quoting facts and having the power and stop this circus of lies, propaganda and bs.

Humanity is running out of time rapidly.

And Christine this is not about who is right and who is wrong or about opinions

If your on the right side of history I applaud you for all your efforts.

I commend you for your hard work from what you’ve told me I would love to be the same but I’m not in that position.

Your telling me that all that I watch you disagree with because the science studies say this and your not super keen on certain individuals.

I contradict this once again watch Plandemic and see for your self.

I watched as you much over the last years.

What he said and presented to the camera.

But your saying he’s lying and misleading I’ve never felt this from anything I’ve seen from all of the people I’ve mentioned

If your aware of Dr Rashid Buttar who came out with his version as he looked into on 21st March 2020.

And he mentioned that the same thing that the virus has never been proven scientifically to exist.

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One question ?

Do viruses actually exist ?

And indeed it this the name they have been given ?

Corona so called viruses are many.

They knew this and it’s hard to believe.

Do germs exist ?

It’s what we’re are led to believe ?

And if your feel this strongly contact him yourself and prove this to his face in a live for all to see interview.

I would certainly do so if I felt this way as you seem to be.

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Hi Christine,

This depends on what information you’ve read and where you’ve seen it.i live in the uk.

Since the beginning March 18th 2020 to be exact.

The people I was viewing,

Dr Rashid Buttar, the above mentioned not because of who they are if you’ve viewed Plandemic I’ve seen all of them and bought Judy’s books.

Vaxxed also.

I watched as much as I could ingest and a picture and dots started to join in my head.

Here’s a thing we were led to believe the science ?

What science ?

Who’s saying the science ?

Back in the 80’s when AIDS became global and we were informed that it came from monkeys little did I know about anything back then.

But thought how odd that something should just appear and then jump from a monkey to a human and effect mainly gays, drug addicts and certain illness types.

I don’t consider myself to be super intelligent in the way of science but I’m not stupid or naive.

We then start to knowledge ourselves to subjects most have not understood and find that viruses don’t just jump into humans biology.

Could you refer to as you put it who corned Dr David Martin ? So your saying he’s not accurate but has shown all the evidence needed and passed it along to DOJ’s in the us in 2020.

All evidence backed but it’s still questioned.

If your aware of anything,

Quoting Kary Mullis words about the PCR test

Run at high enough cycles you can pretty much find anything in anybody.

His exact words.

This in the beginning was what the world went on as evidence based people having a test and showing they were positive for what ?

But most data globally went on those facts.

Back to Mr Martin.

He’s proved and told the world on many occasions who the perpetrators were when it started and who was owning the patents.

This news I saw in 2020.

Here in the uk,

A meeting was called and 17 scientific people were invited Mike Yeadon, Dalorres Cahill to name 2 and 2 mp’s were invited representing the British Government.

Within the meeting all evidence was laid bare and by the way only 1 mp turned up.

It was not any ordinary mp.

Sir Graham Brady is his name look him up.

Within the meeting it was mentioned to Mr Brady about the dangers of the vaccines and what they were doing to people.

His words “ I understand what you are saying, there is nothing I can do and it’s above my pay grade”

So you see he knew.

Was he warned not to say ?

I shall leave that to your judgement.

They knew.

For nearly 4 years the world has been lied to consistently while people are dying and becoming ill

The data right now and that’s come out in 2023 is and cannot be distorted or labelled conspiracy theories any longer.

Fauci has been given a free reign to maim and end peoples lives for over 40 years and has never been challenged because remember he is the

Science. Who has been protecting him ?

Was it planned long before it was dropped on humanity whether you agree with Dr Martin he is not the only person saying this.

As for viruses all through out our lives and vaccines are they and have they ever been tested to be safe.

Or was it made so that it appeared they were peer reviewed by big named scientific people and publicised as being safe because of an individuals name and title and presidency within scientific fields.

If you’re aware of vaxxed this exactly happened about the MMR vaccines the data approved was falsified and people lied.

Judy Mikovitz worked in the department when she started under Fauci.

You must know the story.

She has never lied.

But publicly she was shamed as a conspiracy theorist.

This has been the biggest crime and Iie against humanity at any stage in our history as humans.

It cannot be refuted any longer.

How long will the lies carry on ?

How many more people will die and what will their deaths be blamed on ?

When will the evil evil humans if indeed they are human beings be brought to justice.

And all those complicit in these crimes when will they be brought to justice.

I never bought into it.

Because what was being shown and said globally was not possible.

Many many lives have been lost.

Destroyed by corrupt governments globally and yet it still is being pushed.

Why because you cannot retract a lie and you cannot bring back people that you’ve been responsible for their sad ends.

Admitting any guilt means accountability.

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Dr David Martin and Robert O Young and Judy Mikovitz have all mentioned this in the past 3 plus years.

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Christine -

Thanks so much for your pesky FOI persistence & lovely doggedness in tracking down & exposing lies.

Hope that you can have some time off to enjoy friends & family this season as the C19 scam rolls on...

& here's hoping & praying that an increasing tide of rising scamdemic awareness breaks world-wide.

Thanks for everything you do, Christine.

Thought everyone might enjoy this silly, snarky article to help jolly up holiday festivities around here. The clips & cartoons alone are worth the price of wading thru the loooong history of "vaxx quackery". ;-)

> Do Viruses Exist? How About Leprechauns? - Presenting Part 2 of Jordan Henderson's ultra-deep dive into the Pseudo-Science Crypto-Cult of Vaccinology - THE CROW IS A MESSENGER

Jul 14, 2023 - https://nevermoremedia.substack.com/p/do-viruses-exist-how-about-leprechauns

[clip] "No one has been stupid enough to ever scientifically attempt to disprove the existence of leprechauns, because no one’s that stupid. Correct me if I’m wrong.

For some reason, however, people treat viruses differently from other invisible entities.


The position of Nevermore Media is that the burden of proof is on the people asserting that viruses do exist.

If I’m arguing that leprechauns exist, it’s my job to prove it, not your job to disprove it.

Why do things work backwards in virology?

Oh yeah, because we’re dealing with ideology, not science."

Happy, merry, ho-ho hot toddy, spicey yummy fruitcake, tinkly jingle bells & all that jazz everyone. <3

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Not the book you wanted, but a fascinating read on yellow fever in Philadelphia, 1792-93:


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Hi Christine,

In case you still don't have it, I have placed that book here. (You can download PDF; there is no need to login.)



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I'm sure that any librarian if asked would refer you the inquirer to ... the CDC. :-)

Thanks once again, Christine, for holding to the fire the feet of those responsible for the madness that's been imposed upon us in the name of "health."

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thank you Christine!! once again amazing work as you continue digging for answers! ♥

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