"V." has kindly found and sent the 1933 study cited by Kelser; see pg 767 in the journal here - it takes a long time to download, so also see the easier link on my website below:



It is 4.5 vague pages in length, described as a "brief summary" promising a full, detailed treatise at a later date.

In it, "Major R. A. Kelser, V. C., U. S. Army, Army Medical School, Army Medical Center" made no mention whatsoever of controls and gave no description whatsoever of the living conditions for the animals.

According to Kelser, the Chief of the Division of Pathology, U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry obtained something from a horse with encephalomyelitis, labelled it "the virus" and gave it to the researchers.

The Army Medical School supplied mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) that had been kept under "laboratory conditions" for the previous ~7 years.

The researchers "artificially inoculated" (those are Kelser's words on p 771) 2 guinea pigs intracutaneously with the so-called "virus", and a third guinea pig both intracutaneously and intracerebrally.

Over the next week, the researchers allowed hundreds of mosquitoes to feed on the "artificially inoculated" guinea pigs.

By the 5th day, the guinea pig that had been "artificially inoculated" intracutaneously and intracerebrally was dead; 2 days later the other guinea pigs were also dead.

The searchers then killed 2 mosquitoes that had fed on the tortured guinea pigs, ground them up with some physiological saline solution and injected those foreign proteins etc. intracutaneously into another guinea pig (which had not previously been "artificially inoculated"). It died of encephalomyelitis a little over a week later.

The searchers then gave 48 of the mosquitoes, which by this point hadn't eaten for 6 days, another guinea pig to feed on and it too died of encephalomyelitis 8 days later.

After another 6 days without feeding, the researchers gave these same mosquitoes another guinea pig to feed on. It died of encephalomyelitis 9 days later.

After another 6 days without feeding, the researchers gave these same mosquitoes another 2 guinea pigs to feed on and they both died with encephalomyelitis 6 days later.

The researchers then gave another batch of hungry mosquitoes (that had also previously fed on the "artificially inoculated" and now-dead guinea pigs) a live guinea pig to feed on and it died with encephalomyelitis 6 days later.

The researchers then took some of that guinea pig's brain, emulsified it and "artificially inoculated" it intracutaneously into 2 other guinea pigs, which both died with encephalomyelitis 7 days later.

And so on... until the researchers obtained a horse. They exposed the horse to 7 groups of hungry mosquitoes over a 16 day period. It developed "the classical symptoms of encephalomyelitis" and died within a month after the exposures began.

This is not rigorous or logical or scientific evidence of anything.

Kelser's "brief summary" does not mention any controls having been implemented and it does describe unnatural, invalid exposure routes.

It does not demonstrate that equine encephalomyelitis spreads in nature, and it most certainly did not identify any specific potential causal agent... let alone a submicroscopic, replication-competent intracellular obligate parasite (a "virus").

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Hello Christne. Can you point me to any FOIAs on SV40 virus?


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"We here at the Centers for Disease Creation do not understand your use of the word "science". To us it has always meant that a corporation (our besties) hires some psychopathic lab goons to torture animals until they die and then blame it on "something" else (we call it "published literature"...cuz it gets published ya know...by prestigious journals that have "science" printed all over the cover pages?). That something is given a fancy name, and then we market a fancy name "disease" to go with it. Listen, this is a marketing agency for pharmaceuticals. We literally invent new diseases to sell drugs. If you are looking for documents that match whatever you think this "scientific method" or "controls" and all this other strange language you use, this is the wrong place. If you like reading about disgusting animal torture and laboratory hokus pokus, we have a file cabinet full of that shit. "

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Christine i just watched virues don t exist and way it matters on your post --- one of my favorie people dr. samantha baily and your smiling face was on there too ------ i love how in the video she plays what DR. TOM says there is the group of no virus people who just STICK TO THE FACKS PEOPLE --------- i am one of those people and the facks are there are no virues as being presented and no such thing as being presented as virologhy --- WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID

???????????? --------------- what more can i do ?????????---- yo

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This post and obvious proof of more virus myth is especially significant for countries such as Uruguay and Argentina, where they currently have everyone in a tizzy with this supposed equine encephalitis. Farmers, etc. are nearly all vaxxing against it... Because, you see, on top of it, the horses will transmit it to humans! 🤦‍♀️

No, it is beyond insanity.

Thank you SO much for your work on this 🙏

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The CDC has absolutely no scientific or reasonable reason to even exist. The CDC is a virus as fake as all the rest.

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Destroying mainstream scientic fraud via FOIA. I love it.

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You are AWESOME!

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A new bill on professional education is in the making, eliminating all such loopholes and finally putting an end to conspiracy theories (whatever it means). The terms “settled” or “established” science will be made illegal, medical schools will have to assume new, unified terminology for their names and business names, and all titles and degrees will be re-evaluated and renamed accordingly. PhDs will disappear, giving way to the new form of address: “of Hearsay Science”. For example “Specialist/Professional/Expert in Hearsay Virology” will replace the currently used misleading “doctors”, “professors” or any other such forms in circulation. The use of titles or degrees in public (including peer-reviewed publications) will be forbidden.

The term “treatment” will have to prove net health benefit for the relevant person, with negligible side effects, if any. If this condition is not met, the procedures will have to be named “experimental”, for example: “experimental injection of experimental contrast agent for brain angiography”.

As a preventive measure, all approved drugs will be labeled “experimental”, with a caution note “interactions with other drugs or substances used in hearsay medicine have not been studied”.

Grants will be distributed accordingly, to be “paid” out in “Virtual Records of Proposed Financial Value”, thus saving precious dollars for the use by more contributory organizations. All activities presumed to be based on documentary records will be forbidden (and scratched off if followed) if such records are not actually held or kept in physical form at the repository of documents by respected institutions and organizations, automatically reducing the employment headcount and financial burdens of such institutions.

Individuals who will object to such changes in their fields will be allowed to voluntarily terminate their employments and abandon the use of earlier titles and degrees, with automatic cancellation of their licenses. Whoever would like to continue practicing hearsay medicine will have to pass all relevant examinations in a new format, in conformance with the above guidelines.

The regulators hope these new rules will create a good foundation for fact-based medicine for the first time in history.

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I think guineapigs are too cute for experiments.

In stark contrast, virologists are not cute at all. We should do our experiments using only virologists. If we run out of virologists, we can start using functionaries, who are cuter compared to virologists, but still very expendable and redundant when we consider rodents in general.

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I’ll forward these recent FOIA communications to “my representatives” in government. I always follow up with a phone call to explain the issue, and pleased to say the local reps are usually willing to listen. Most of the staffers are completely unaware of the “virus debate” but seem interested and curious, particularly about the FOIA responses. Thanks Christine.

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Well ....“Surprise,surprise, surprise !”

(said nobody....‘ceptin Gomer)


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