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(Sorry for the typo - I fixed my email)

Dear Christine, I would like to discuss more about judicial notice and related matters. If you have time and are so inclined, please send me an email biko97jcj (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I live in China, but can also call you via Skype.


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I am trying to understand what happened to the two controls in the study published in Cell Research on July 7, 2020 using rhesus macaques. It's my understanding that the prevailing assertion is that the "exposed" monkeys became infected, developed disease, and developed antibodies to the virus and that this did not occur with the controls. I (admittedly) am having trouble understanding from the study what the heck happened with regard to the controls (which it appears were also given a DMEM mixture minus the "virus" via the same method). I mostly want to understand if they showed signs of disease. I believe the study is indicating that they did not, and that the exposed animals did. However, I am an admitted rookie trying to figure this stuff out! Is there any resource you can recommend for understanding what occurred regarding the controls in that study (and whether they were true controls)?

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Christine, you got a lot of hate for your work early in this COVID fiasco and I am happy to say you have been vindicated many times over. People have made names for themselves from doors you have opened. Hopefully they are grateful. Thank you for your relentlessness.

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"Electronic Microscope"? What's that? If your hubby truly worked with a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) or a TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) you would obviously know the terminology and the differentiators between the two devices.

New consumer grade OBD2 scanners can display emissions data, you don't require a mechanic.

Sulfer is spelt SULPHUR.

You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

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I shared your article with several people. One sent me this reply:

Thanks for thinking of me.

Public health departments--like the UC one she mentions--- are not in the business of isolating viruses. Research labs do that type of work.

My husband has worked with viruses and seen them under an electronic microscope. They exist.

Virologists look at them all the time.

That is how we know that a Corona virus has a little crown.

Go look up photos of polio and ebola too.

There are lots of electronic microscope images that you can look at.

Public health departments merely use the tests created by a university research lab to see if a person is infected with a virus.

So a public health lab is being honest when it says that it has not isolated a virus. They are not set up for that type of work, nor is that their job.

So what I am telling you is that the author had no good reason to expect a public health lab to answer "yes" to the question posed by the writer: "Have you isolated the virus".

Analogy: car computers can record all types of measurements. For instance, it can tell if your car is burning fuel cleanly. It can read whether your car is emitting too much sulfer and carbon monoxide.

Your car mechanic can only show you the read out. He can't show you the sulfer or carbon monoxide that the car is emitting. Yet, that does not mean that Co2 or sulfer do not exist. (I am sure you have smelled sulfer coming from some cars. It smells like rotten eggs.)

So, I am saying that quickly it became clear to me that the writer has unreasonable expectations and does not know what the hell she is talking about.

I don't know much either, but I could see that much, so I was not motivated to read the rest of her crap.

Sorry to disappoint.



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Completely true. Now it turns out that no one has SARS Cov 2. And people should ask themselves

1. So what does CRP measure?

2. So how did they make the vaccines if they didn't have the virus?

All a farce, gentlemen, a scam. Truly a genocide, because what it was about was introducing a liquid interface to the whole world without our consent. Of course, since January 2020 I already doubted everything and I don't have this interface installed. Actually the virus is graphene oxide, this material that they introduced in the injectables is what causes covid.

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Ha -- you get that you're asking a question that doesn't make sense to the system. There isn't a lab in the world that would use the phrase "purification of the virus" or any version of that.

What you're getting is someone doing a word search and not trying to figure out the right language for the actual procedures. You might try again using the words "isolation of the virus."

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Wouldn't it be rational to think that eventually, somewhere, during the past four years of this FOIA campaign, at least one of your requests would've reached sincere human beings and triggered in the response something like "No evidence of isolated viruses found... We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and it's deeply disturbing. We acknowledge that there's no scientific basis for virus theory and we've begun an investigation to understand how we've been deceived for so long..."?

Or that someone, somewhere in a position of power would've noticed that it sure looks like there's not a shred of evidence supporting virus theory, and blown the lid off this suppression?

Part of what this record is showing us is just how profoundly corrupt and dishonest our culture is. It takes so damn many people to maintain this massively-destructive deception, and virtually everyone in a position of power defends it like it's some kind of cult blood oath. What an insane human world this is, that we call 'civilization'...

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One thing I’d like to impart is that I’ve had a bronchitis type phlegm cough for 4 days took Vit C ,Elderberry extract and Coldeeze but won’t shake it off until I took a nicotine lozenges .gone in one day

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If it’s EMFs how did the diseases happen back in the 1800s come about?

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So since viruses don't exist, 'they' can't do anything. And bacteria DO exist, but have never been shown to cause disease. Apparently what we call infectious disease is nothing more than evidence that the body is processing an excess of metabolic waste and consequently, the excess is pushed out through the skin, through the lungs, through the sinuses, through the gi system via vomiting and/or diarrhea and all of this excretion of poisons is facilitated by a rise in body temperature which helps to liquify the gel-like fourth-phase water contained within our bodies. So rather than stopping the body's system of detoxification, embrace it and learn how to assist the body. Going against this process leads to chronic illness. And THAT is what we have in epidemic proportions.

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And when people finally understand that not only are there no "viral" diseases, but that MUCH of the symptoms ascribed to "viral" diseases are actually caused by EMF's, well, then action will be dedicated, and carried out.

Cell phones have to GO. Fiber optics for computers. We CAN have a better life and still have our online access. Bring back public pay phones (better still, let them be free!), put call boxes along highways, and so on, and so on.

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We spend much of our lives fighting imaginary diseases and viruses all in the name of creating gargantuan profits for big pharma.

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So, my consternation arises when the likes of Nass will read such a FOIA and STILL say that the viruses are isolated and Christine (and the rest of us questioners) are too stupid to understand 'science'.

So I make parody videos to use a 3 or 4 minute means of showing the rest of us what criminals these people are.


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